PUTH Designated for Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games by the National State General Administration of Sport

  In the morning of August 12th, the State General Administration of Sports held 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games Medical Work Mobilization Conference.  At the conference, PUTH was designated as the hospital responsible for the medical support during the Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games.  12 doctors from 5 different departments, including Tian Dexiang, Ao Yingfang, Wang Jiangquan, Yu Jiakuo, Cui Guoqing, Hu Yuelin, Yin Yu and Jiao Chen from sports medicine department, Gao Wei from Cardiology Department. Liu Zhongjun from Orthopedics Department, He Bei from Respiratory Medicine Department and Wang Wei from Ophthalmology Department, were designated into the expert team. Vice-President Wang Jianquan delivered a speech on behalf of the designated hospitals.

  (Translated by LI Qing, Proofed by LIN Manxin & LIU Xiangjun)